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Kanemoto & K. Hashimoto vs Shinobu & Asahi, tag league, Big Japan 9/23/14. Good crowd, good pace, solid match. I'd like to see what they could have done with a few more minutes added to the finish, but that's a small quibble for a midcard bout.


Hokuto & Minami vs Hotta & Takako Inoue, UWA tag titles, AJW 9/5/93. Guest selection by Zach Haley. Hotta's a wrecking ball and Takako's a sadistic succubus, but they're facing the far more established Marine Wolves. So they set out to reinjure Hokuto's legendary bum knee. Hotta has special incentive to do so after losing to Hokuto two weeks earlier in the Grand Prix final. They do everything to destroy it, which brings out a fire from Hokuto's partner Suzuka Minami that we aren't used to seeing from her.


Akiyama vs Miyahara, Royal Road tournament, All Japan 9/15/14. Akiyama vs Upstart Punk is one of those can't-miss matchups, and thankfully even the rotting husk of All Japan can't change that. They had a match just a few months before this, which Akiyama won. Is Miyahara going to give the old man trouble this time around? He better not if he knows what's good for him.


Mashimo vs Tonai, Kaio Tournament final & Strongest K title, K-Dojo 9/14/14. In a rather unique setup, the promotion did a 16-man tournament over the course of two back-to-back shows. Mashimo, who came in as champion, defended the title throughout. Mashimo is in his 5th title reign and won the tournament last year, so he is a massive favorite. Lots of quality, focused technical wrestling here.


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Makabe & Honma vs Goto & Ibushi, New Japan 9/5/14. Ibushi returns from the injury that kept him out of the G-1. Meanwhile, he faces Honma, who took his place in the tournament. That makes for an interesting dynamic.


Nagata vs Ishii, New Japan G-1 Climax 8/8/14. For years, the Nagata matchup was Ishii's bread-and-butter. They just tee off on each other every time. Somehow, the recent Ishii Miracle Run hasn't included a slugfest with Nagata. Until now.


Sekimoto vs Hidaka, heavyweight title, Zero1 1/1/13. Guest selection by DylanWaco. A strange dynamic on paper leads to one of the best and most dramatic second halves of 2011, egged on by a HOT Korakuen crowd that gets behind heavy underdog Hidaka who delivers an excellent performance that brings the best out of Sekimoto who delivers most of the time regardless, and of course comes up big here too. Both men look like a million bucks while it's happening and when it's over. Says something about this match.


Shibata vs Ishii, New Japan G-1 Climax 8/6/14. They don't quite live up to the epic slugfest of the year before, but this is still Shibata and Ishii and it's still a slugfest, so you're going to watch it.


Shibata vs Honma, New Japan G-1 Climax 8/3/14. Their respective roles are well-established at this point, and both bring the goods. Honma looks fine despite taking an absolutely horrific bump at the end of his previous match, so clearly he's made of sterner stuff.


Nishimura vs Tajiri, US title, 2/3 falls, MUGA 9/23/07. Guest selection by DaWho. Tajiri works his schtick into a traditional MUGA match, which compensates for MUGA being Nishimura-land. A lot of it works well, albeit with a bit of overkill at the end.


Styles vs Archer, New Japan G-1 Climax 8/3/14. AJ continues to bring the versatility. This is another heel vs heel match in which he has the more sympathetic role. Now it's a "big vs little" matchup, and AJ definitely makes Archer look like a monster, including some enormous bumps. It probably helps that they are both TNA refugees.


Nagata vs Makabe, IWGP title, New Japan 7/6/07. From the clipped TV airing. Upgrade.

Nakamura vs Ishii, New Japan G-1 Climax 8/1/14. Oh mannnnn. You've got: 1) A 'brother vs brother' stablemate battle; 2) Ishii vs 'top star' at Korakuen in the main event, like the epic a year earlier against Tanahashi; 3) A thrilling finish, complete with a look of REGRET on the face of the winner before the end. Ishii rules so much.


Nagata vs Koshinaka, IWGP title, 5/2/07. From the clipped TV airing. Korakuen Hall doesn't get IWGP title matches very often, so they are suuuuper hot. Let alone that Koshinaka is a monumental underdog. The match doesn't quite live up to the crowd, but it's definitely worth seeing, especially with most of the downtime excised.


Mochizuki & Tozawa vs Fujii & Arai, Dragon Gate 8/23/13. A match based on grumpiness, strikes, and suplexes is a match I can get behind.


Styles vs Suzuki, New Japan G-1 Climax 8/1/14. This one is fascinating. Heel champ Styles takes on the leader of New Japan's #2 heel stable in Suzuki. Considering that we're in Japan, and how effective Styles has been in as a heel in the company, one expects him to be the antagonist. Nnnnnope. Suzuki brings the EVIL and Styles becomes sympathetic. Good match with broad appeal and a strong finish. New Japan really out-did themselves with this tournament.

T. Sasaki vs Miyamoto, DM title, Big Japan 3/14/07. Guest selection by Curt McGirt. Miyamoto is the young underdog looking to knock off grizzled champ Sasaki, who already has the scars to prove his title-holding capabilities. All of Korakuen is rooting for his fresh-faced opponent. But just how far is Miyamoto willing to go to win? The answer is: FAR. Lightbulb stuff can wear out quick but is used logically here, the bumps are enormous, and the drama is high. And the blood... oh, the blood... - LINK FIXED 9/20


Tanahashi vs Nakamura, IWGP title, 12/10/06. Upgrade from the clipped TV airing.

Tenzan vs Goto, New Japan G-1 Climax 8/1/14. Tenzan is in a weird place. Everyone knows he's mostly broken down, the new generation of headliners are better-looking and better athletes, yet he still has the firepower to take anyone down if the stars align just right. Korakuen loves an underdog, and Tenzan is definitely an underdog against Goto in 2014. Can they will him to victory, or will Goto's tournament success overcome a game Tenzan?


Ishii vs Gallows, New Japan G-1 Climax 7/28/14. Big vs little is such a classic wrestling story, and Ishii's dwarf-like stature makes him perfectly suited for it. Gallows is darn good on his end as well, with some well-timed cut-offs and solid control throughout. Very efficient and effective as a show opener.


Puroresu Big Clip Collection 5. Sequences, big spots, and other cool stuff. 100MB of refined goodness. IN THIS SET: Abdullah on the mic! Foley on the mic! A dinosaur! And more!


Tanahashi vs Shibata, New Japan G-1 Climax 7/26/14. Shibata roughing up Tanahashi was fun in 2006, and it continues to be fun 8 years later. Features a jaw-droppingly dramatic strike that I can't possibly do justice to. Even the ref is blown away.


Styles vs Naito, New Japan G-1 Climax 7/26/14. In many ways this feels like a title fight. Naito comes in with a cut, and heel champ Styles attacks it with gusto. This adds much more tension and drama than we'd have if they worked a match around their respective athletic abilities. Very strong finish. And all this for a semi-main event!


Dynamite Kansai vs Manami Toyota, WWWA title, AJW 12/4/95. Upgrade & now complete.


Ishii vs Honma, New Japan G-1 Climax 7/26/14. Works along the same lines as their first match. At a certain point I thought "okay, clearly they're going for a smaller finish because it's during the G-1", but then they proceeded to kick things into high gear. I'm so glad Honma got into the tournament, and he's fortunate Ishii paved the way.


Sekimoto vs Shinobu, Strong Climb tournament, Big Japan 6/30/14. On one hand, Shinobu gave it his best shot and couldn't take out Sekimoto a year ago. On the other hand, Korakuen has been the site of some big upsets in round-robin tournaments, so there's no telling what will happen. This one starts slow but ends well.


Aja Kong vs Dynamite Kansai, WWWA title, All Japan Women 8/30/95. Upgrade, but with some clipping.


Kohsasa vs Ilioukhine, RINGS 11/20/97. TK really seems to have the Russian figured out for much of the match. This being RINGS, all it takes is one slip-up on the mat and he'll get tapped. It's wrestling's version of "past results do not guarantee future performance". Anyway, they focus on matwork, which is exactly the scenario you hope for.


Sugawara vs Jack Anthony, NWA & international junior titles, Zero1 3/31/13. Sugawara is normally pretty bad, but Anthony's British-style technical wrestling takes up most of the time and makes this worthwhile.


Kojima vs Ishii, New Japan G-1 Climax 7/23/14. I wonder how long Ishii will seem like a massive underdog against established headliners like Kojima. Ishii beat Kojima over a year before this, and racked up several big wins afterwards, yet it still feels like he's got a huge mountain to climb. Doesn't help that Kojima is such a bad style matchup for him as a bigger, stronger chops-and-lariats guy, and that Kojima beat Ishii in last year's tournament. Who wins the rubber match?


Hashimoto vs Hase, New Japan G-1 climax 1993. Upgrade.


Sekimoto vs Shuji Ishikawa, Strong Climb tournament final, Big Japan 7/26/14. Big dudes, big bombs, and in a rather small amount of time. Man, does Sekimoto ever eat some nasty shots...


Shibata & Goto vs Tanahashi & Naito, New Japan 7/4/14. All-star tag, though at times it almost feels like a handicap match with how little Tanahashi is in. Poor Naito gets bullied, especially by Shibata, but he does return fire at times. And let's not forget that just because Goto and Shibata have been teaming for a bit, that doesn't mean they're going to roll through the bout unscathed.


Puroresu Finish Collection 14. The endings of Sasaki & Nakanishi vs Tenzan & Saito 4/14/98; Maeda vs Yamamoto 7/20/98; Harashima vs Irie 1/26/14.


Shibata & Goto vs Nagata & Honma, New Japan 6/21/14. Much like Ishii, Shibata continues to impress with his commitment to violence. Honma is also winning me over with a commitment to effort after years of half-assing it. Seriously, he's a huge talent and I have no idea why he sandbagged for over a decade, but better late than never. Nagata is effective in short bursts and mostly lets Honma have the spotlight on their side. I'm very glad Honma got into the G-1, because he earned it after performances like this.


Liger & Samurai vs Kanemoto & Ohtani, New Japan 10/26/99, JIP. The more you watch late '90s NJ juniors matches, the more you realize that all the talent in the world doesn't guarantee a good match. However, the nights when they turn it on, they're able to deliver at the highest level. This match isn't mindblowing, but they bring the goods.

Tenryu & Nakanishi vs Sasaki & Fujita, New Japan 11/1/99, JIP. Good preview of the Tenryu/Sasaki dome match two months later, and the Tenryu/Fujita is a nice bonus. Fujita was a top-notch athlete, and the company knew it. Too bad for them he was legit enough for PRIDE.

HARASHIMA vs Sasadango Machine, DDT title, DDT 6/29/14. Sasadango Machine is Muscle Sakai, and his trademark is the use of Powerpoint slides. This match was set up through their version of Money In The Bank, and Sasadango lays out the facts. His finisher will drain at least 35% of HARASHIMA's energy, so if he does it three times, we'll have a new champion!


Kosaka vs Yamamoto, RINGS 5/22/99. One last battle for these two before RINGS went full shoot as the year progressed. Possibly the best use of body shots you'll ever see in a worked match.


Han vs Naruse, RINGS 5/22/99. Somewhat low-end for Han, but it does contain your quotient of Dagestani submission goodness. Also features possibly the most dramatic strike in any Han match. Dang.


Mutoh, Tenzan & Kojima vs Tenryu, Fujinami & Yasuda, New Japan 4/21/99. Yasuda being the weak link yet the largest guy in the match provides an interesting dynamic. Really hot crowd. I mean, they seem to care about Tadao Yasuda; that's saying something. (oh and tenryu participates some too)


Ohtani & Takaiwa vs Kanemoto & Kashin, New Japan 4/21/99. Dang, Kanemoto is pissed off at everyone in this. No really, EVERYONE. And vice-versa. Kanemoto + hate = goodness.


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Miyamoto & Kodaka vs Shuji Ishikawa & Sato, tag titles, Big Japan 5/31/14. Miyamoto and Isami have been indy tag aces for a bit, but they face a daunting task. Big versus little is a timeless story and this match delivers that dynamic very well. All it takes is one big move from the big guys to put the champs in PERIL~.


Ishii vs Honma, NEVER title, New Japan 5/3/14. Upgrade.


Tenzan & Kojima vs Sasaki & Koshinaka, IWGP tag titles, New Japan 3/22/99, JIP. Sasaki and Koshinaka started the tour by beating the team of Mutoh & Kojima, so they are effective challengers despite being an odd-couple pairing. Has TenKoji solidified as a championship-caliber tandem, or will they falter in their second defense?